Yuli Yamano/Yamano Jun


8 (TV series), 10 (Gaiden), 11 (Kikoutei and Message)
June 30 1979
Astrological Sign
118 cm/3'10" (TV series & first two OAVs)
25 kg/55 lbs (TV series)
First Appearance
"Target: Metropolitan Tokyo"/"Shadowland"

Yuli is a friend of the Ronin Warriors. After his parents were captured by the Dynasty, he had to rely on the Ronins to help rescue them. He was usually left in the care of Mia (and, later on, Anubis) while the Ronins went off to battle Talpa.

Yuli is voiced by Christopher Turner (Kumiko Watanabe in the original Japanese version).

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Yuli has brown hair and gray eyes. During the TV series, he wears a yellow sweater over a turquoise shirt, navy shorts, and sneakers. During Gaiden, he wears a white shirt, denim shorts, and white sneakers. In Legend of the Inferno Armor, he wears the same outfit he wore in Gaiden. When he arrives in Africa, he wears a yellow shirt, a white and blue polka-dot ascot, white shorts with red suspenders, and brown loafers. In Message, he appears only in the final scene, wear a traditional kendo uniform.


Yuli on his skateboard

Yuli is like most children his age. He's the biggest fan of the Ronin Warriors and is eager to help them out anyway he can. He's always willing to charge into dangerous situations, even if he doesn't know what he's getting himself into.

In the beginning, he used to get upset whenever the Ronins would leave him behind, though as time went on, he began to understand that it was for his protection. Though he understands that the Ronin Warriors have limits, he strongly believes that they can do the impossible, especially Ryo. He is also the most willing to accept Anubis' change of heart than Mia and the Ronins. In his spare time, Yuli enjoys skateboarding and, later, kendo. He does not like studying or carrots.


The War with Talpa


The Legend of the InfernoEdit


While Yuli does not take an active part in the main storyline, he does appear at a kendo competition as a young adolescent. An announcement is made, naming him as the winner of the competition.


Yuli at the end of Message.


Yuli's ParentsEdit

Ryo of the WildfireEdit

Yuli is the closest to Ryo out of all the Warriors. While Ryo is equally fond of Yuli, he is sometimes annoyed by the boy's antics. During the final battle with Talpa, Yuli saves Ryo's life with the Jewel of Life.

Kento of HardrockEdit

Sage of the HaloEdit

At first, Sage treats Yuli as a pest, but as the show continues, he begins to treat Yuli as a little brother. He even ends up teaching Yuli kendo, which pays off as Yuli participates in competitions in his teen years.

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  • In the manga, Jun plays a much more significant role than he does in the anime.
  • For some reason, despite the fact that years are passing, Yuli never seems to grow any older until the final OAV, Message.

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