Drama Album

Released August 16, 1991
Cat # KICA-45
Label King Records
Length  ??:??

Tsuki (Moon) is a drama album for the Yoroiden Samurai Troopers anime series. It was released on August 16, 1991 by King Records in Japan only.

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This is the last of four CDs that came out while the Message OVA was released. These CDs are part of the memorial theme that was central to Message. This is a story focusing on Shuu that takes place between episodes 21 and 22, but the three Demon Generals appear in it too. Includes a 20-page booklet with 12 color illustrations, a mini poster with the lyrics for the songs of the drama CD, a sticker, and comes in a box set.

Track Listing Edit

Track Type Title Length Notes
1 Drama STAGE I: Gougasha 4:57
2 Vocal Suashi no Mama De
3:56 Image song, sung by Shuu.
3 Drama STAGE II: Meiro
(STAGE II: Labyrinth)
4 Drama STAGE III: Gekkou Ya
(STAGE III: Moonlit Night)
5 Vocal Afureru Omoi
(Overflowing Thoughts)
4:34 Sung by Honma Kaori, the singer of Tsukamaeteite & Hoshi no Lullaby.
6 Drama STAGE IV: Tsuki Yomi no Tama
(STAGE IV: Ball of Moon Hell)
7 Drama STAGE V: Daichi no Sakebi
(STAGE V: Scream of the Earth)
8 Drama STAGE VI: <Epiroogu> Hakou
(STAGE VI: <Epilogue> Light of the Waves)
9 Vocal Some day
(Some day)
3:39 Image song, sung by Suu.

Story Summary Edit

The events of Tsuki occur immediately after the defeat of Saranbou. Shuu realizes they are near his home (Yokohama) and wants everyone to come visit his family. Everyone tells him to get serious and Shuu runs off to Yokohama. The remaining four Troopers are attacked by Gougasha, a wannabe Demon General. None of their attacks are effective and he is way too strong. Even when Shuu returns (after seeing an image of his friends being trashed by Gougasha projected in the sky), they can barely hold him off until they learn his weakness.

It should be noted that the Troopers only learned of Gougasha's weakness through the intervention of the three Demon Generals. They were also responsible for showing Shuu the image of his friends being trashed. Gougasha draws power from the moon, and when it is covered, he is pretty much powerless. When the Troopers realize this, they devise a strategy to defeat Gougasha. At the end, the other Troopers apologize for what they said earlier and promise that when the fighting is over, they'll all go visit Shuu's family.

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