The Ancient One/Kaos


around Kanto
177 cm/5'9"
First Appearance
"The Assault of Shiten, Warlord of Demons"/"Glory for Anubis"

The Ancient One (迦雄須 Kaos) is a powerful monk. He is the creator of the nine armors, and acts as a mentor to the Ronin Warriors, even after his death.

The Ancient is voiced by David Kaye (Norio Wakamoto in the original Japanese version).

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The Ancient One

The Ancient One has white hair. He wears the traditional robes of a monk and a straw hat which covers his face. While facing off against Talpa a thousand years ago, he wears green and blue-gray samurai armor. He never goes anywhere without his mystical staff.

The Ancient One is very serious and dedicated to protecting the Mortal Realm from the evil of the Dynasty, to the point of being willing to sacrifice his own life so the Ronin Warriors can get close to Talpa's castle. He cares for those who have been tainted by Talpa, as he was the first to reach out to Anubis when he began to question his loyalty to the Dynasty. He also pitied Suzanagi and could sense a troubled soul within her, but was unable to help her.


Early HistoryEdit

The Ancient One is a member of a mystical clan of which virtually nothing is known.


Preparing to face Talpa

A thousand years ago, he confronted the threat that Talpa and his invading forces presented. The Ancient One defeated the evil and banished it back to the Nether Realm, but Talpa's armor remained behind. Knowing that the Dynasty emperor would return if it was left whole, the monk decided to split the armor into nine seperate armors, each empowered with a Confucian or Bushido virtue in order to defuse the evil locked within them. He then sealed the nine armors away until the time when the world would need them again.

The Ronin Warriors each received their armor from the Ancient One at least one year before Talpa returned to the Mortal Realm to extract his revenge.

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