Tenkuu Den
(Tenkuu's Legend)

Drama Album

Released September 21, 1989
Febuary 5, 1993
Cat # 292A-7012
Label King Records
Length  ??:??

Tenkuu Den (Chapter of Tenkuu) is a drama album for the Yoroiden Samurai Troopers anime series. It was released on September 21, 1989 by King Records in Japan only. The CD was re-released on Febuary 5, 1993 by Star Child.

Album Info Edit

The first Drama CD. It's a story about Touma. 292A-7012 includes a 4-page flyer with the lyrics to the three songs of the drama CD. The CD booklet also contains sketches of Touma's mother, father, and the villain Garyuuda.

Track Listing Edit

Track Type Title Length Notes
1 Drama STAGE I: Puroroogu
(STAGE I: Prologue)
2 Vocal Dream of Loneliness 4:25 Sung by Shin and Seiji. Also on Kaze.
3 Drama STAGE II: Tondemonai Yatsura Sa
(STAGE II: Such Unexpected Guys)
4 Drama STAGE III: Ryousei Skikkaku!
(STAGE III: Boarder Disqualification!)
5 Drama STAGE IV: Hashiba Ie no Hitobito
(STAGE IV: Members of the Hashiba Family)
6 Vocal Wonder-Toki ni Nageru Gimonfu
(Wonder-A Question Mark Thrown In Time)
3:43 Sung by Ryou and Shuu. Also on Kaze.
7 Drama STAGE V: Zujou no Kyoui
(STAGE V: A Threat High in the Sky)
8 Drama STAGE VI: Youja - Garyuuda
(STAGE VI: Demon - Garyuuda)
9 Drama STAGE VII: Hishou
(STAGE VII: Soaring)
10 Drama STAGE VIII: Kaze no Monoroogu
(STAGE VIII: Wind's Monologue)
11 Vocal Ano Hi no Fotogurafu
(Photograph of That Day)
4:18 Sung by Moriguchi Hiroko. Also on Kaze.

Story Summary Edit

The events of Tenkuu Den take place after Shinjuku was saved. Touma's mother is returning to Tokyo and everyone is going with Touma to greet her. The plane is attacked by Garyuuda, a Youja who is trying to gain favor with Arago.

Touma manages to defeat the Youja and save the plan from crashing. He does all this after realizing his yoroi's full capabilities. It is in this story that he first flies. Touma's mother later asks him about her dream where he was an armored person who saved the plane. Touma denies it, but she still suspects.

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