Sei Ran Hen
(Blue Storm Collection)

Soundtrack album by Osamu Tozuka

Released Febuary 21, 1989
Febuary 5, 1993
Cat # K30X-7150
Label King Records
Length 42:10

Sei Ran Hen (Blue Storm Collection) is a orginal soundtrack for the Yoroiden Samurai Troopers anime series. It was released on Febuary 21, 1989 by King Records in Japan only. The cd was re-released on Febuary 5, 1993 by Star Child.

Album Info Edit

This is the third BGM collection, covering both the first and second story lines. On certain tracks there are Trooper monologues. K30X-7150 includes a double sided flyer with the lyrics to Samurai Heart and Be Free, also includes 4 pencil artworks.

Track Listing Edit

Track Type Title Length Notes
1 Vocal Samurai Heart <TV size> 1:34 Opening theme for the second half of the TV series. (TV Version)
2 BGM Taidou
1:00 Shin: "Why do you pollute the water, the purpose of Suiko is to protect water."
3 BGM Youja Shinkou
(Youja Invasion)
4:18 Kayura in her chambers? Touma and Ryo running and hiding in Arago's fortress.
4 BGM Youja Teiou Arago
(Youja Emperor Arago)
2:33 Seiji: "Now I don't know whether this power is from the Youja or my heart. I can't think about myself. I'll fight to the end.
5 BGM Go Yuushi Shutsujin
(Five Brave Warriors Depart for Battle)
3:27 Battle music when the five Troopers are together.
6 BGM Busou - Yoroi Gia
(Armament - Armor Gears)
1:43 Armoring up.


4:54 Shuu: "I'm not afraid to use my Gentessai to rescue my friends, to Youjakai or hell, where ever they are I'll go.
8 BGM Kesshuu - Yoroi No Kokoro
(Concentration - Hearts of the Armors)
1:47 Stardust Eyes (Arranged Version)
9 BGM Kikoutei No Chikara <Faraway arenji vaajon>
(Sun's Power <Faraway arranged version>)
0:49 Faraway (Arranged Version)
10 BGM Aratana Tatakai <Samurai Haato arenji vaajon>
(A New Battle <Samurai Heart arranged version>)
2:23 Touma: "Kaosu I've shot through my heart's doubt. My heart is no longer lost." Samurai Heart (Arranged Version).
11 BGM Tsukanoma no Heiwa <Be Free arenji vaajon>
(A Moment of Peace <Be Free arranged version>)
3:07 Be Free (Arranged Version).
12 BGM

Yasashiki Jikan
(Gentle Times)

3:55 Playing ball at the end of episode #39. Ryo waking up after Arago's first defeat.
13 BGM Michibiku Mono
3:23 Ryo: "Our yoroi gear, Kaosu made them from Arago's yoroi. Naturally they're filled with Youja power. Fighting for ourselves, the result we don't know. But this is also the power to protect. Kaosu, I'm no longer lost, please watch from this fight on.
14 BGM Kaosu - Shouten
(Kaosu - Death)
2:42 Kaosu or shuten talking. Kaosu's apparent death.
15 BGM Kesshi Kou Youja Kai
(Going Into the Demon World Prepared for Death)
2:21 Ryo: "Take a good look at this yoroi's ultra attack. Haaa. Ultra Sou En Zan!
16 BGM Tatakai No Shuuen
(The Conclusion Of Battle)
1:37 Presenting the Yoroi Senshi.
17 Vocal Be Free <TV size> 1:05 Ending theme for the second half of the series. (TV Version)

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