Samurai Troopers Memorial Deluxe
Art/Film Book Cover

Artbook that came with a VHS tape featuring 30 minutes of the troopers' best scenes.  The video starts off with our introduction to the troopers from episode 1, follows up with the 1st season OP clip, then shows the troopers' dream sequences from episode 25.  The other videos that follow these are titled as such:

- 光輪の章 (Kourin's Chapter)

- 金剛の章 (Kongou's Chapter)

- 水滸の章 (Suiko's Chapter)

- 天空の章 (Tenkuu's Chapter)

- 烈火の章 (Rekka's Chapter)

- 武装 (Armament: features each trooper's full armor-up sequence)

- 特報 (News Flash: features an ad for the Message LDs which also mentions a bonus poster calendar set for buying all 5 volumes)

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