Luna is a young teenage girl who is 14 years of age, physical appearance she has long brunette hair. Her skin is tan in color. She dress stylishly in modern teenage clothing. She also has hoop earrings.


Luna is a 14 year old American who lives in New York and her only family is an older brother. She is a brash and hot headed girl who is ready to take action when necessary. While she isn't afraid to speak her mind, she is also ready to admit when she's made a mistake.

Luna made her first appearance in the first episode of Gaiden. She was in search of her brother's murderer. It was in the first scenes of the series that revealed that the murderer was in fact the Armor of Korin (Armor of Halo) but without its wearer, Seiji Date (Sage). Meanwhile the Troopers go in search of the missing Seiji and it takes them all the way to New York. It was through various searching that Touma Hashiba (Rowen) stumbled upon the body of the photographer who took the pictures of the Korin Armor that was plastered all over the news. At this point, Luna discovered Touma with the body and assumed he was the killer. But over the course of time, Luna realized her mistake and decided to aid the Troopers in their attempts to rescue Seiji, the recently captured Nasuti Yagyu (Mia Koji) and Jun Yamano (Ully) and the defeat of their new enemy, Shikaisen.

Luna's help came to an end in the second episode when she tried to get revenge for her brother's death. During an encounter against Shikaisen, she made an attempt to attack the sorcerer but to no avail. Shikaisen easily dispatched of her that resulted in a mortal wound. Luna died in Ryo's arms; she opened her mouth to speak but no words came out. According to Sunrise, she wanted to tell Ryo how glad she was to have met him. In the English dub version, she IS able to tell Ryo how glad she was to have met him before dying in his arms.


During the OVA, Luna showed much interest in Ryo. During an attack in a Los Angeles cemetery, Luna was nearly attacked by one of Shikaisen's henchmen. Shu (Kento) easily took care of him but instead of being thanked, Luna continued to loudly cheer for Ryo, leaving Shu rather bewildered. Sunrise stated if Luna had survived her ordeal, then there was a possible chance that she and Ryo would have developed deeper feelings for one another.