Kourin Den
(Kourin's Legend)

Drama Album

Released November 5, 1990
Febuary 5, 1993
Cat # KICA-30
Label King Records
Length  ??:??

Kourin Den (Chapter of Kourin) is a drama album for the Yoroiden Samurai Troopers anime series. It was released on November 5, 1990 by King Records in Japan only. The CD was re-released on Febuary 5, 1993 by Star Child.

Album Info Edit

The third drama CD. This story is about Seiji. Includes a 12-page booklet with 5 sketch illustrations and the lyrics to the songs of the drama CD. KICA-30 comes in an additional box and has an insert that includes interviews with the animators.

Track Listing Edit

Track Type Title Length Notes
1 Drama STAGE I: Fuyu Nin Hana
(Winter Enduring Flower)
2 Vocal Pressure 4:20 Image song, sung by Seiji.
3 Drama STAGE II: Komai
(STAGE II: Laths)
4 Drama STAGE III: Houkou
(STAGE III: Wandering)
5 Vocal Kaze no Ato
(Traces of the Wind)
4:40 Image son, sung by Shin.
6 Vocal Yume ni Dakarete
(Embracing in the Dream)
4:27 Image song, sung by Seiji.
7 Drama STAGE IV: Hikari Daku Tomo Yo
(STAGE IV: Friends Embracing Light)
(STAGE V: Fuga)
9 Vocal Fill in the Dream 4:45 Sung by Shinichi Ishihara.
10 BGM Love Song <instrumental> 3:02 Instrumental of Tenshi no Love Song, the 4th track of the Kimi wo Nemurasenai CD.

Story Summary Edit

The events in Kourinden happen in the fall, after the TV series. Seiji has returned home to Myagi. Seiji is supervising/teaching a kendo class in the Date family dojo. After class, he is spooked by bells which turn out to be a little girls toy. Her name is Reiko and is the daughter of Youko, an old acquaintance of Seiji's. Together they go to the temple but Seiji is irritated by something.

Suddenly, Reiko runs out into the street as a motorcycle zeroes in. Seiji throws himself in front of the bike and is critically wounded. While in the hospital, Seiji's soul goes through a type of nightmare. His inner demons are pulling him down toward death when his friends souls come to help him.

In the end, Seiji's soul drives out the demons but he is still tortured by the bells of the little girl that kept appearing in and out of his nightmare. It is actually his younger self. When he was younger, he was very weak so his family raised him as a girl, because girls are "easier to raise".

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