Kimi wo Nemurasenai
(Won't Let You Sleep)

Image album by Osamu Tozuka

Released December 21, 1988
Febuary 5, 1993
Cat # K32X-7146
Label King Records
Length  ??:??

Kimi wo Nemurasenai (Won't Let You Sleep) is an image album for the Yoroiden Samurai Troopers anime series. It was released on December 21, 1988 by King Records in Japan only. The CD was re-released on Febuary 5, 1993 by Star Child.

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The "debut" vocal album. There are solo songs by Ryou, Shin, Shuu and Nasuti. Seiji and Touma sing a duet and there are two group songs sung by all the Troopers, Nasuti and Jun. It has the full versions of Samurai Heart and Stardust Eyes, plus an additional song sung by Hiroko Moriguchi. Some of the songs, if you listen closely, are also used as instrumental BGMs in the last few episodes.

Track Listing Edit

Track Type Title Length Notes
1 Vocal Samurai Heart 4:28 Second TV Opening (Full Version).
2 Vocal Shinjuku Sunset 5:04 Shin's image song.
3 Vocal Honoo no Sorujaa
(Soldier of Fire)
4:18 Ryou's image song.
4 Vocal Tenshi no love song
(Angel's Love Song)
2:55 Nasuti's image song.
5 Vocal Lonely Blood 5:21 Shuu's image song. The main "theme" is about lonely soldiers, which fits the Troopers quite well.
6 Vocal Middonaito Paati
(Midnight Party)
3:37 Sung by all the Troopers, Nasuti and Jun. The song is hilarious when you understand the lyrics and background comments.
7 Vocal Cool Moon 4:13 Seiji and Touma's image song.
8 Vocal Wild Cat 4:02 Sung by Hiroko Monguchi of "Samurai Heart".
9 Vocal Chizu no Nai Tabi E
(On a Journey Without a Map)
5:04 Sung by all the Troopers, Nasuti, Kaosu and Arago.
10 Vocal Stardust Eyes 4:29 First TV Opening (Full Version).

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