Kikoutei Densetsu
(Legend of Kikoutei)

Soundtrack album by Osamu Tozuka

Released October 21, 1989
February 5, 1993
Cat # 292A-7016
Label King Records
Length  ??:??

Kikoutei Densetsu (Legend of the Sun) is the original soundtrack for the Yoroiden Samurai Troopers OAV series Kikoutei Densetsu. It was released on October 21, 1989 by King Records in Japan. The CD was re-released on February 5, 1993 by StarChild, a division of King Records.

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The original soundtrack of OAV Kikoutei Densetsu. The BGMs are themes for various characters, mainly Naria and Mukara, though the Troopers themselves also have new themes. The only song, titled Dead End Love, is sung by Shigemura Yasuhiko and is essentially a remix of the first opening theme of the TV series, Stardust Eyes.

Track Listing Edit

Track Type Title Length Notes
1 Vocal Dead End Love 4:13 Bounus track. It's not used once during the entire OAV series.
2 BGM Kasshoku no Hyou
(Brown Panther)
3:41 Mukara is compared with this animal. Its various parts are played at different times throughout Kikoutei Densetsu, but also during Touma's recollection in Message.
3 BGM Mukara no Teema
(Mukara's Theme)
4:23 Described as Mukara running. His speed is even greater than the Troopers in their undergear. Also used during Shin's recollection in Message.
4 BGM Rasen no Hana
(Spiral Flower)
4:12 Instrumental of "Angel's Love Song", used only in Suiko Den.
5 BGM Naria no Teema
(Naria's Theme)
2:44 Naria's theme, this version is used in Kikoutei Densetsu Vol. 4 when Naria talks to Mukara.
6 BGM Suiko
0:50 Focal point and transformation.
7 BGM Byakuen 2:19 Byakuen's theme, first part is used when Naria helps Ryou and Seiji escape in Kikoutei Densetsu Vol. 2, and is a "Kaze no Junction" instrumental.
8 BGM Obiki no Sora
(Glowing Ember Sky)
2:50 That exact scene in Kikoutei Densetsu Vol. 4.
9 BGM Kuroi Kikoutei
(Black Sun)
2:47 The black opposite to the Shiroi (White) Kikoutei. Appearance and transformation.
10 BGM Kourin
0:59 Focal point and transformation.
11 BGM Tenkuu
0:59 Focal point and transformation.
12 BGM Seirei no Tochi
(Land of the Spirits)
4:31 First part is used in Kikoutei Densetsu Vol. 4, when Mukara has collected the five Troopers' yoroi; second part is used in Kikoutei Densetsu Vol. 2, when Shin, Shuu and Touma are arguing.
13 BGM Genshi Kou
(Journey of Illusions)
2:36 Kikoutei Densetsu Vol. 4, first part is used during the appearence and possession of Shiroi Kikoutei; second part is used when the troopers control it again.
14 BGM Rekka
(Raging Fire)
1:24 Focal point and transformation.
15 BGM Kongou
1:10 Focal point and transformation.
16 BGM Fuyu no Tame no Yume
(A Dream For Winter)
4:29 When Jun tries to feed the battered, near death Ryo in Kikoutei Densetsu Vol. 4.
17 BGM Mukara no Teema (Version II)
(Mukara's Theme (Version II))
4:26 Remix of track 3.
18 BGM Kyuujitsu
3:16 Shin and Shuu surfing at the beach in Kikoutei Densetsu Vol. 1.
19 BGM Taiyoushin
(Sun God)
1:18 Naria explaining the origin of her village in Kikoutei Densetsu Vol. 4.
20 BGM Afurika no Hikari
(Light of Africa)
3:03 Instrumental of "Foreign Serenade", on which Mukara's Theme is based.

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