Kento Rei Fuan / Shu Rei Fuan

Picture 5

14 (TV series), 16 (Gaiden), 17 (Kikoutei and Message)
September 1, 1973
Astrological Sign
Chinatown, Yokohama in Kanagawa
164 cm/5'4.5" (TV series), 170 cm/5'6.9" (Message)
62 kg/136 lbs 11 oz. (TV series), 62 kg/136 lbs 11 oz.(Message)
First Appearance
"Target: Metropolitan Tokyo"/"Shadowland"

Kento Rei Fan (秀麗黄 Shū Rei Fan) is arguably the strongest member of the Ronin Warriors. He is also known as Kento of Hardrock, or Kongo no Shu.

Kento is voiced by Jason Gray-Stanford in the TV series and Andrew Francis in the OAVs (Tomohiro Nishimura in the original Japanese version) and Sérgio Ruffino is the Brazilian Portuguese Version.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Kento has dark blue hair and blue eyes. During the TV series, he wears a golden headband across his forehead, a yellow t-shirt, light colored pants, and sneakers. During Gaiden, he wears a white t-shirt, tan overalls, white sneakers, and a black hat. In Legend of the Inferno Armor, he starts off wearing a green pair of trunks and a vest type wetsuit top, he's surfing, then changes into a yellow sweater that says "Milkball" and dark pants. When they go to Africa, he wears a white shirt under a blue button down shirt with three quarter length sleeves, a safari vest, light colored pants, and gray sneakers. In Message, he wears a yellow t-shirt under a white, blue, and red sports jacket, blue jeans, and white shoes. Kento's Hardrock armor is orange.

Kento is hot tempered and very stubborn, but he's also a loyal friend. Despite his family being rich, he doesn't act like a snob. His favorite sports are judo, kung fu, and rugby. He loves to eat, and talks about food a lot. He also likes arm wrestling with the machine at the arcade game center, mountain climbing, and Tai Chi Gen. He doesn't like Devil's tongue and swallow's nest (yes, they're food).


Family HistoryEdit

Kento's ancestors immigrated from China during the Ching Dynasty. His family is part of a clan of many different families under the leadership of an elder known as Grandfather (though whether he has any relation to Kento is unclear). It is assumed that Kento will take over as clan leader when the current elder retires.


Young Kento

Early History Edit


Typical Shu

The Rei Fuans are very prosperous. Kento's father, Chan Run, owns a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown that has expanded and become a restaurant chain. His mother, a martial arts master, taught him Chinese kung fu from an early age. Kento has four younger brothers and sisters: Rinfi (she's three years younger than Kento), Yun (he's five years younger), Mei Ryu (he's eight years younger), and Chun Fa (she's eleven years younger). As the oldest, Kento was expected to yield to his younger siblings. This lead to him pilfering food whenever he got the chance. He even drank spoiled milk once because he knew that yogurt was made from sour milk.

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Armor and PowersEdit


Kento attacks!

The story of an armor was passed down from Kento's ancestors. When he had reached the age of thirteen, Grandfather decided to test Kento to see if he was worthy of possessing it. During summer vacation, Kento, Rinfi, and Yun were given permission to visit the family resort where all the family treasures were kept safe. Several of the treasures were broken while they were looking around, but whether it was the fault of Kento's siblings or by the old lady who joined them on their journey is unknown. Either way, Kento intentionally broke a few of the treasures himself in order to take the fall. This allowed Kento to pass the test and the Armor of Hardrock appeared before him.

The Hardrock Armor, or Kongo, is powered by the earth. The weapon is usually in the form of aa tetsubo (iron bo), with a naginata blade on one end. Other times, it takes the form of three joined nunchaku. The special attack of the armor is Gan Tessai (Iron Rock Crusher in the English dub), where Kento spins the bo over his head then aims one end towards the ground and causes a massive earthquake.


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  • Out of all the Ronin Warriors, Kento's family situation is the most typical.
  • The Hardrock Armor was initally known as "Kongō" in Japan. In English, Kongō name litterature is Stone, now a Diamond. The Hardrock Amor as element is Earth. The Hardrock Armor colors is Light Brown and Amber.
  • When Cye journeyed home to visit his mother between the two battles with Talpa, the reason Kento decided to join him because he knew the area where Cye lived was famous for hagiyaki. Kento thought hagiyaki was food, but it's actually a type of pottery.
  • Kento and Cye is Big Best Friends. Kagayaki Emperor legend, Kento and Cye fighting for Sage and Ryo no Save. Before, Kento for save of Cye' s Virtue.
  • Kento and Ryo, Cye, Sage, Rowen, Mia and Yuli is big best friends. Kento as funny man. Kento as warrior of Earth and Justice.

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