Image album by Osamu Tozuka

Released June 16, 1991
Cat # KICA-44
Label King Records
Length  ??:??

Kaze (Wind) is a image album for the Yoroiden Samurai Troopers anime series. It was released on June 16, 1991 by King Records in Japan only.

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This is the third of four CD's that came out while the Message OVA was released. These CDs are part of the memorial theme that was central to Message. The image songs from the drama albums are all conveniently collected on this CD. There are two new songs, both sung by Nishimura Tomohiro (Shuu). Includes a 16-page booklet with lyrics for all the songs and a sticker, and comes in a box set.

Track Listing Edit

Track Type Title Length Notes
1 Vocal Mukae Ni Yuku Made
(Until We Meet)
4:00 A new song, sung by Shuu.
2 Vocal Mo Ichido Baby Blue
(Once More Baby Blue)
4:55 Shin, also on Suiko Den.
3 Vocal Pressure 4:23 Seiji, also on Kourin Den.
4 Vocal Kaze no Junction
(Junction of the Wind)
4:05 Ryo, also on Suiko Den.
5 Vocal Dead End Love 4:13 Also on Kikoutei Densetsu.
6 Vocal Namida no Kyousoukyoku
(Rhapsody of Tears)
4:49 Shin, also on Suiko Den.
7 Vocal Fill in the Dream 4:50 Also on Kourin Den.
8 Vocal Wonder-Toki ni Nageru Gimonfu
(Wonder-A Question Mark Thrown in Time)
3:41 Ryo and Shuu, also on Tenkuu Den.
9 Vocal Ano Hi no Fotogrurafu
(Photograph of That Day)
4:23 Also on Tenkuu Den.
10 Vocal Ikoku no Sayakyoku
(Foreign Serenade)
5:01 Shin, also on Suiko Den.
11 Vocal Dream of Loneliness 4:29 Shin and Seiji, also on Tenkuu Den.
12 Vocal Yume ni Dakarete
(Embracing in a Dream)
4:42 Seiji, also on Kourin Den.
13 Vocal Kaze no Ato
(Traces of the Wind)
4:46 Shin, also on Kourin Den.
14 Vocal Seishun Datta Ne
(It Was My Youth)
3:52 A new song, sung by Shuu.

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