Armor Of Inferno

When Ryo gathers energy and the guiding Virtues from the four Ronin or Warlord armors, the armor of Inferno (called 白い輝煌帝 Shiroi Kikoutei or White Sun Emperor, in YST) (sometimes simply called the White Armor in the dub) forms around him. He gained the armor during the first battle against Talpa. During the battle Ryo is overpowered and absorbed into Talpa's armor along with the rest of the Ronin warriors and Dark Warlords. He nearly gives up, but refusing to let his friends down he breaks free, and gains the Inferno from the other Ronin's virtues and defeats Talpa. A draw for Ryo when using the Inferno armor was that its power was so great that it damaged his swords from the Wildfire armor when he used it, but Ryo later gained the Swords of Fervor, (called 剛烈剣Gou Retsu Ken or Strong Violent Swords) and uses a different surekill: Rage of Inferno. The attack is essentially the same as his Wildfire's surekill, except that he shoots a massive stream of fire instead of attacking with his swords. The armor's power itself is legendary; at the peak of its power, it is said to be able to destroy an entire planet. When Ryo gained the armor, Talpa desired it to the point where he lost any interest in the other armors. With no guiding virtue of its own, the Inferno Armor must rely on 5 guiding virtues to keep it pure.

Ryo In Full Inferno Armor

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