Soundtrack album by Osamu Tozuka

Released March 15, 1991
Cat # KICA-42
Label King Records
Length  ??:??

Hana (Flower) is a orginal soundtrack for the Yoroiden Samurai Troopers OVA series Message. It was released on March 15, 1991 by King Records in Japan only.

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This is the first of four CD's that came out while the Message OVA was released. These CD's form part of the memorial theme that was central to Message. The first half of the CD deals with the present and Suzunagi's past, and has a British (Meiji Era) tone to it. The second half deals with flashbacks to Kikoutei and Kuroi Kikoutei. There are two vocal tracks, one of the ending song (there is no opening song) and of an image song preformed during the fifth episode. The CD closes with the instrumental version of Midnight Party from the album Kimi wo Nemurasenai.

The CD booklet is a mini-collection of the illustrations done by Ken Mizuki for the Samurai Troopers series.

Track Listing Edit

Track Type Title Length Notes
1 Vocal Tsukamaeteite
(Hold Me Tight)
4:31 Message ending theme.
2 BGM Itsuka no Machi
(Town of Someday)
3:33 Don't know where this one is used.
3 BGM Suzunagi no Teema
(Suzunagi's Theme)
2:22 Played generally during Suzunagi's monologues and flashbacks.
4 BGM Yoroi Sekai
(Armor World)
2:27 Played when Suzunagi dresses Ryou in his new yoroi.
5 BGM Tasai no Chi
(Variegated Earth)
3:33 Played on Suzunagi's fantasy stage where the Troopers' yoroi face off against the two Kikoutei's.
6 BGM Saidan
1:32 When the Troopers realize something.
7 BGM Sekishoku Hen I
(Red Shift)
2:04 Played when Touma tries to stop Suzunagi from killing the other Troopers in his yoroi vision.
8 BGM Mujou No Tsuki
(Moon of Uncertainty)
2:15 Suzunagi's appearance, organ music.
9 BGM Yami Yo Ochirunakare
(Darkness Must not Fall)
2:39 No idea where it's used.
10 BGM Hakuya
(Midnight Sun)
1:34 Graveyard scene in Vol. 5.
11 BGM Shoushitsuten
(Vanishing Point)
1:35 Suzunagi summons and traps Touma in the Tenkuu yoroi. Variant of Track 2.
12 BGM Junrei
2:08 Also played when Suzunagi talks (especially with Kaosu).
13 BGM Shuushou
(Final Chapter)
2:32 Track 1 Instrumental. Played near the end of Vol. 5, when Suzunagi talks with her mother and the Troopers appear in their new yoroi.
14 Vocal Hoshi no Rarabai
(Lullaby of the Stars)
4:10 Image song from Vol. 5.
15 BGM Ashita wo Koeru Tabi
(Journey Crossing Over to Tomorrow)
1:58 Kikoutei Densetsu flashbacks.
16 BGM Toki No Horou
(Passageway of Time)
1:25 Naria's theme.
17 BGM Hikari no Ou
(Ruler of Light)
1:52 Variant of Naria's theme.
18 BGM Afurika no Genei
(Illusions of Africa)
3:39 Kuroi (Black) Kikoutei flashbacks.
19 BGM Middonaito Paati - Instrumental Version
(Midnight Party - Instrumental Version)
2:19 Instrumental of the 6th track on Kimi.

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