Gun Rou Hen
(Wandering Pack Collection)

Soundtrack album by Osamu Tozuka

Released July 5, 1988
Febuary 5, 1993
Cat # K30X-7129
Label King Records
Length 36:03

Gun Rou Hen (Wandering Pack Collection) is a orginal soundtrack for the Yoroiden Samurai Troopers anime series. It was released on July 5, 1988 by King Records in Japan only. The cd was re-released on Febuary 5, 1993 by Star Child.

Album Info Edit

This is the first BGM collection covering the first half of the series and includes the full versions of the first opening and ending themes (Stardust Eyes & Faraway). Both releases include a 12 page booklet with lyrics for Stardust Eyes and Faraway, and 3 b/w skectches.

Track Listing Edit

Track Type Title Length Notes
1 Vocal Stardust Eyes 4:25 Opening theme for the first half of the TV series. (Full Version)
2 BGM Ichi Man Sekai
(Ten Thousand Worlds)
1:27 The very first episode where it is showing the city. Jun getting his skateboard, etc.
3 BGM Rakyuou Toshi
(Setting Sun City)
1:37 The Youja arrive.
4 BGM [Jin] Rekka No Teema
([Benevolence] Raging Fire's Theme)
2:39 Played when all the Troopers are together, again.
5 BGM Yoroi No Senshi (Faraway)
(Armored Warriors) (Faraway)
1:29 Instrumental version of "Faraway", when Ryo does his Sou En Zan.
6 BGM Youja Yon Dai Ma Shou
(Four Grand Demon Generals)
2:10 Battling the MaSho. Ryo and Touma running from the Youja through Youjakai.
7 BGM [Shin] Suiko no Teema
([Trust] Torrent's Theme)
1:55 The Troopers are on their way to challenge Arago during the episode.
8 BGM Gobousei
1:58 The BGM played when Ryo looks out over the city, after he recovers from defeating Arago the first time.
9 BGM Rekka Ken - Sou En Zan
(Raging Fire Swords - Twin Flame Cut)
1:33 This BGM also used for Ryo's special attack. (Stardust Eyes instrumental)
10 BGM Mei Sou Yuki
(Going Astray)
1:37 The first part is included in battle BGM, but the second part, I don't know.
11 BGM Arago No Teema
(Arago's Theme)
1:34 Arago's BGM.
12 BGM [Rei] Kourin No Teema
([Courtesy] Halo's Theme)
2:26 At least part of this is used as battle BGM.
13 BGM Juppou Sekai
(The Entire World)
1:41 Battle BGM.
14 BGM [Gi] Kongou No Teema
([Justice] Diamond's Theme)
1:32 Battle BGM.
15 BGM [Chi] Tenkuu No Teema
([Wisdom] Firmament's Theme)
2:06 Played at the very end, when all the Troopers, Nasti and Jun are playing ball.
16 BGM Nasuti Yagyuu No Teema
(Nasuti Yagyuu's Theme)
1:36 Impish flute music, but I can't remember where in the TV series it was played.
17 Vocal Faraway 4:14 Ending theme for the first half of the series. (Full Version)

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